Friday, May 10, 2013

Why I am a Feminist...

I’m a feminist because women have had the short end of the stick for generations, and now they are speaking up and saying fuck you, enough is enough.

Sometimes that rubs guys the wrong way or outright strips us of our privilege.

Too fucking bad. I would gladly give up all my privilege to see future generations of women grow up in an environment where they are truly treated as equals, where they are truly respected and valued for whatever skills or ideas they bring to the table instead of judged on their looks or dismissed due to the stereo typed mold they are supposed to fit.

I’m a feminist because I recognize that I’m not competing with women for supremacy, but rather cooperating with them and counting on them to help make the world a better place.

I’m a feminist because I believe in equality, for all races, for all genders, for all people, I believe we can do better, and treat each other with more respect, and stop being so god damned reflexive in our need to defend our turf or our tribe.

I’m a feminist because I’m an atheist, a humanist and a skeptic.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Might be a Rape Apologist....

You might be a rape apologist if you come in to a thread on a blog about someone being raped and insist on the presumption of innocence for the accused rapist.

A blog comment thread is not a court of law. No one is being sentenced.

Being a Vulcan who shows no emotion in the face of a tragedy but rather demands 'just the facts' contributes to rape culture. It provides tacit cover for would be rapists who know that if they shame or intimidate their victim in to not getting a rape kit done right away, or not tell anyone about it right away, their chances of getting away with it go up exponentially because of shit heads like you who exist at every level of government and in their social circles.

Rape accusations can often exclusively rely on "he said she said" as evidence. A lack of physical evidence pointing to rape vs consensual sex DOES NOT MEAN THAT A RAPE HAS NOT OCCURRED!

People who understand enthusiastic consent do not spend an inordinate amount of time worried that they will be falsely accused of rape, which is what you are doing when you immediately start defending the accused because of a supposed lack of evidence.

False rape accusations do happen, but very rarely in comparison to unreported or unprosecuted or unconvicted cases of actual rape.

Eyewitness testimony is very often the only evidence available in a criminal trial, but only in rape cases do you find douchebags who immediately want to jump to the defense of the accused. You might want to think about why that douchebag is you.

If I say John Doe broke in to my car and I saw him do it, a prosecutor isn't going to insist on fingerprints or DNA or that the accused be found in possession of my stolen items. A prosecutor is going to charge the individual and let the system work it's self out. Maybe my testimony is enough for a conviction, maybe it isn't. That's for a jury to decide. But you, you douchebag, would presume the thief innocent without further corroborating evidence right? No, you wouldn't because that's not a rape case, and you don't envision yourself ever breaking in to a car, so it's not your problem, right?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

After 4000 or so comments at Pharyngula, we still gets assholes that think that Adria Richards committed the ultimate faux pax when she publicly outed or shamed the guys sitting behind her at a conference listening to a talk about women in technology while making dick jokes. 

Here's my take, quoting myself from teadome while making minor typographical corrections:

It seems to me that some otherwise reasonable people are falling for the fantasy that there is any expectation of privacy once you walk your front door, thus think of tweets with pics and descriptions as an invasion of said expectation of privacy, and they can’t get over it.

If you blame Adria for this fiasco then you also blame whoever took the video of the bullied bus lady, or whoever uploaded the security footage of the kitty dumpster lady, or you should catch yourself criticizing Bradley Manning.

Ask yourself this, are you more upset about the filmed assassination of a journalist in Iraq and the subsequent attack of his serait sauveteurs, or are you most upset at the person that leaked the video? Is whoever leaked that video in the wrong for doing so?

When people are caught doing socially unacceptable things on camera and those things come to light, do you want to blame the fly on the wall or that unconscionable action that caused the attention to begin with?

And so where do you draw the line? Seems to me a lot of people draw the line exactly where that exposure would expose themselves.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Really SNL? Really?

​I was watching SNL last night with my girlfriend and we were laughing our asses off. Justin Timberlake was hosting, someone I generally consider to be extremely talented (even if the bulk of his music isn't really my bag).

They took a ride down memory lane and had Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd reprise their roles as Two Wild and Crazy Guys along with Timberlake and Andy Samberg playing the Mother Lovers, which incidentally are two great character teams from SNL history who ridicule the whole PUA concept, portraying "players" who think too highly of themselves as douchebags, which I think is great.

The 5 Timer's Club skit was fantastic, JT had a pretty good live performance and his Tofu routine was off the hook. So up and until this point, I have to say it was the best SNL I've seen in about a year. I was in tears until.... they sucked the air right out of the fucking room.

​Romantic Comedy, the skit in question, starred JT and Nasim Pedrad. See for yourself:

​Really SNL and JT? Really?! So being transgender is a joke in and of it's self? Really... 'Chicks with dicks' is just sooo funny, it was worth producing a minute and 44 second long Hollywood quality movie trailer with a transgender woman as it's only punch line? Really... You don't think transgender people watch the show and might be a just a little bit offended?

You name JT and Eugene Levy in the credits, but Nasim gets called "an Adorable Brunette" and Kenan "A Confused Black Friend"? ​Really, so on top of offending TG folks, you decided to offend ​women and blacks by implying that the only actors who matter are the white dudes? Really... (ok, I'll consider you might have just been poking fun at sexism in Hollywood, but in the context of the skit I find it hard to be so charitable.)

So presumably several writers and producers and all these actors sat around and laughed and laughed about how funny this was going to be, a ha ha ha ha lololol, and no one said 'Hey ya know, taking the piss out of TG folks isn't really all that funny, in fact, a lot of people might find it pretty offensive.'


​Not one person spoke up? Not one person thinks transgender people are actually people? You all think being transgender is a joke, all by it's self? Not one of you stopped to consider how difficult it must be to already be the subject of scorn and persecution? Not one of you has seen The Crying Game or have heard of Stacey Blahnik Lee, or the multitudes of other victims of hate crimes directed at transgender people? Not one of you took a gender studies class in college?

​Did you know, SNL cast and crew, that according to GLAAD​
40% of anti-LGBT murder victims in 2011 were transgender women. Transgender women made up only 10% of anti-LGBT violence survivors.
and that...
​transgender people faced double the rate of unemployment of the gereral[sic]  population.
63% of transgender people in the NTDS report sample had experienced a serious act of discrimination that majorly affected their abilibty to sustain themselves, such as loss of a job due to bias, physical and sexual assault due to bias, homelessness because of gender identity/expression, or bias-motivated denial of medical service.
But you think they are just soooo funny.... Really? Really SNL... it's 2013, get with the program already, ffs.